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TRIBECA TIPIS - Top 10 festival wedding venues in Sussex, Kent & Surrey - Whitefield

Welcome to our selection of Tribeca Tipis favourite outdoor festival wedding venues in Sussex, Kent and Surrey This week our outdoor tipi wedding venue is Whitefield. Whitefield Woodland Weddings is situated on a private farm near the picturesque village of Hellingly in East Sussex. This lovely farm location includes a large open field surrounded by a beautiful woodland. There is also an 'unlicensed' woodland ceremony area - perfect for bohemian woodland blessings. The field also has the benefit of a rustic wooden shack at one end, which can be used either as an outdoor chill out bar area, storage or just as a stunning rustic backdrop for wedding photos. Whitefield has direct access by car to the field, with a picturesque drive through the woods and parking area in a woodland clearing. All the fields and wedding venues we work with are based on the quality of service, ease of site location, eco friendly and of course, stunning scenery. This location ticks all the outdoor wedding boxes with a beautiful woodland, large open field area and a rustic wooden shack for beautiful rustic and bohemian style weddings. Whitefield can also be used for corporate events or private parties. Check out their instagram page here

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