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Yes, we insist on site visits for venues or private residences that we have not worked with before. It's important to be aware of any slopes, overhanging cables check access etc. in advance of a tipi set up. We provide this service free.

Tipis are much more intricate and take longer than most standard marquees,  essentially we are joining structures together. We also have to consider weather conditions, if it's windy it may take longer. There are lots of other things we need time to do too, lay matting, wrap fairy lights around all of the poles, install lighting, dance floor, tables, benches, other furniture

1 tipi takes approx half a day to construct and fully furnish

2 tipis take approx 1 day to construct and fully furnish

3 tipis often take over a day, construction and matting will be done in 1 day, furnishing the next day (approx 3 hrs)

Q: Can we set up the morning of the wedding and take down the same night or the early next morning, the venue wants us to do this?

No, this is unlikely, we wouldn't have time and also we don't know what the weather will be like.

We try to set up either Wednesday or Thursday so the tipis are ready for you by Friday lunchtime.  This is something you will need to pre-organise with your venue in advance.  Once the tipis are handed over, they are then your responsibility.

We collect the tipis the morning after the wedding or event has finished, at around 11:30am weather permitting.

 Unless prior arrangement has been made, we are reasonably flexible.


We will determine the position of the tipis with you, prior to the construction date. If you have booked a venue, some may have specific areas where they like these pitched. However, it is also necessary for the booking party to sign off  the final the positioning prior to construction on the day. It will not possible  for us to move the tipis once they are up.

Clear access to the site, this may mean having driveways clear of cars and pathways clear.  A toilet (portaloo) for the crew, especially in empty fields.

Do I need a generator and cabling?

Yes, this is likely and will need to be arranged well in advance. We can help you arrange this, we work regularly with trusted generator companies and can put you in touch. It is easier for us and you, if we work with a supplier we know as we can sort a lot of timings out between ourselves. You must hire an event generator, as these are silent and the company will sort out all the cabling that is required, he will also help you with sizing the generator correctly.

Do you take commission from them if we book one of your recommended suppliers?

No we don't. You would pay them direct.

Do you supply cabling?

We are likely to be able to run cables for our lighting, but we don't supply cabling for catering, toilets, showers, bars photo booths, fridge trailers etc.

You will still need one of our trusted suppliers, which we can recommend to you, they will check the power is sufficient for your requirements and most importantly supply and run all of the cabling. Catering often requires a lot of power, so don't scrimp on this service, you don't want the lights going off when they switch the oven on! 

It's not as simple as using a plug socket and an extension lead I'm afraid.


Although you are working with a blank canvas, the great thing about tipis is that they already come decorated with rustic wooden poles throughout which will be wrapped in warm fairy lights. Due to the generous high ceilings that tipis provide, you can hang flowers, garlands, bunting, lanterns and lampshades which can be attached to the poles with cable ties or string. You can decorate the entire tipis or alternatively focus on key areas such as the tables with flower displays, hanging displays such as flower clouds or garlands around the circular poles, entrances or walkways or the chill out lounge area.  Our blog post on decorating tipis with flowers with examples from our tipi weddings is available here 

Our wooden tables are 2.1m long x 68cm wide and the can seat 6 guests (3 either side).

We have suggested popular floor plans on our website under Tipi layouts, but if you have something different in mind we can let you know if it will work.  Tipi tip: Name the tables rather than number them and rather than draw out a scaled plan, just list guest name against the table name, this way if you move a table slightly because you think it looks better, it won't mess up your drawings. People easily find their tables without a scaled plan. 

Yes within reason, all candles/tea lights must be in glass jars or holders though.

Yes of course, you can bring your own bunting and we advise around 18 metres of bunting per tipi inside with a few metres extra to link up to the next one. 


We are more than happy for you to hang flowers/bunting/lanterns from the tipi poles, but you must use either cable ties or string,  We do not allow nails or screws in the poles or canvas.  No cooking/kitchens to be set up within the tipis. Any internal displays such as screens,  photo booths, mirrors, signs must not touch or lean against the canvas.

Most definitely, we live in the UK, plan for a worst case scenario where everyone has to be inside the entire time. Make sure there is enough room for everyone.

One of the reasons we supply tipis is because of their robust nature. They are build to withstand the elements.  The custom-made fabric that are used for the canvases by our supplier, Tentipi, took 3 years to develop and has significantly better water repellent properties than the best off-the -shelf canvas. The canvas is subjected to numerous standardised tests to ensure they comply with all expected  waterproof specifications. The thread used to sew the canvases is made from a combination of natural and man-made fibres. It swells when it's wet and fills the needle hole, so rainwater doesn't seep in. The Nordic timber used for the tipi structure can only come from certain parts of the world where the trees grow very slowly in Scandinavia. It is this slow growth, resulting in very dense growth rings, that gives a pole its strength. This is why our supplier carefully control the exact species of spruce tree used in these Nordic tipis, and the latitudes at which they are cut. The test results feed into structural calculations and play a crucial role in determining the wind loading of the tents.

Yes, absolutely, we often do this, as long as you have space and good access. We would arrange a free site visit.

We use reusable cable ties, recycled plastic sheeting, all of our tables, benches, fireplace, bar are made from recycled wood, the poles for our tipis come from sustainable wood sources and our outdoor fire bowl is also recycled. WE also source many of our hire items from vintage stores or fairs.  We can also provide glamping for your guests and we do not use power within the bell tents. Our crew are all based locally and we also share transportation to the venues we work with. Find out more about our sustainability ethos here 


We can recommend many suppliers than we have worked with over the last 10 years -  generators, sound systems, toilets, hay bales, florists, celebrants and photographers etc. Find out more on our suppliers page here 

Pictured above are Tin Roof Pizza, Botanical Bubbles Bar and Eat Cake Love. 

This is a decision only you can make and if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the planning process, then this is probably the right way to go for you, if your budget permits, as a wedding planner can definitely help you.  However set up days generally run very smoothly -  remember suppliers do this every week and often work together a lot of things are sorted out between ourselves.  Don't be afraid to ask advice or run things by us, we are happy to help.

Some of our couples may hire an 'on the day' wedding coordinator, this can take the pressure off you on the day.

Try to get the grass cut in advance. If you have hired a venue, try to ensure that all excess grass is swept up before the wedding. Excess grass can affect whether the matting is flat enough and also if it rains, wet grass in clumps will stick to everyone's shoes! 

When setting up your tables in the tipi, make sure you do a walk around before adding tableware to make sure all guests can access their seats with ease. 

Don't worry about the little things, it will be the best day ever - you are sharing this with your nearest and dearest!  There are lots of tipis and advice from our couples too here on our tipi weddings page here and also on our tipi blog posts. 

We do not set up tipis in the winter season, however we can hire out our interior furnishings during this period which runs from October - Mid April, especially if you have having a wedding in a barn, manor house  or village hall.  Visit our winter season wedding page hire here to fine out more. Our summer tipi season begins in April and runs until the end of September. 

We advise booking as upfront as possible, as we do get fully booked during the summer season and would recommend booking at least 1 year in advance, if possible. If you also require a bell tent village, glamping should also ideally be confirmed around the same time, so that guests receive a link in advance when there is plenty of availability.  To make a booking just give us a call on 01273 517 687 or email

One giant hat tipi - The diameter is 11 metres, but we will need additional space around for construction. 

Two giant hat tipis - This will require a footprint of 21 metres by 11 metres, plus additional space for construction.

Three giant hat tipis (in line/arc) - This will require a footprint of 31 metres by 13 metres, plus additional space for construction. 

Three giant tipis (triangle) - This will require a footprint of 20 metres by 20 metres, plus additional space for construction. 

We are based in East Sussex near Brighton and provide tipi hire in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and parts of Hampshire. We work with outdoor venues, field and can also set up tipis in your garden or private field for weddings, parties and corporate events. 

Here is a link to a copy of our terms and conditions. We ask for a deposit to confirm your booking which is non-refundable if you a. change your mind/plans or b. cancel your wedding, party or event date.


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