TRIBECA TIPIS - Top 10 tipi wedding venues - Knepp Castle Estate, West Sussex

Tipi wedding venue - Not only is Knepp Castle Estate a stunning parkland location for a tipi wedding, located in Repton Park overlooking Springwood Pond, it is also part of an incredible pioneering 9 year rewilding project and is home to the first white storks to nest in Britain for 600 years! If you are looking for a venue that is close to nature and surrounded by free-roam grazing animals - this really is the place for you.

Situated near Horsham in West Sussex, Knepp has truly beautiful grounds with a tipi set up near the peaceful Springwood Pond where wild ponies and deer roam free. A breathtaking location for back to nature weddings. There is also a stunning double bedroom bothy located in the woodland behind the lake, perfect for tipi honeymooners!

Here are a selection of images from a couple of our tipi weddings (also featured on our blog posts) and open day from Knepp Castle Estate in 2021.

Website: Knepp Castle Estate

Chloe and Duncan - Summer 2021

Photography : The Unbridled

Ruth and David

Photography : Gather Round Photos

Tribeca Tipis Open Day

Photos : Magic Pro Media

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