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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Wedding photography - We often get asked about wedding photographers, so we have compiled a short list of wedding photographers whom we can recommend locally in Sussex, Kent and Surrey, some have photographed our tipi weddings outdoors, chosen by our couples and some are photographer's who's creative work we admire from afar too!

It's so hard to choose a list, as there are so many talented creatives out there and I'm sure we will have missed a few favourites along the way, but hopefully this will be a starting point for you if you are looking for a special photographer.

Images: 1, Olegs Samsonovs, 2, Sophotography, 3.Harry Michael Photography, 4. D&J Wedding Photography, 5. Charlie Campey Photography 6. Pierra G Photography.

It's important to get this right for you and book as upfront as possible, as many of these photographers are in very high demand and can only cover so many weddings each season.

Included in the list are photographers based in the South East, as well as some photographers located further afield in the UK too - most photographers will travel too, for an additional cost.


In no particular order :

Image: The Unbridled

If you are looking for even more wedding photo inspiration (who doesn't love looking at beautiful imagery), you could check out Professional Photo for their pick of the Top 50 UK wedding photographers for 2022, or Elle Magazine's Top 24 wedding photographers for 2022.

Oh, and don't forget to ask about golden hour!!

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