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Pampas & Palms : Make a statement with a floral tipi entrance display

Beautiful boho florals can make incredible statement pieces for your tipi - created here by Claire at Butler & White who helped style our tipi open day with her incredible vision and style. Florals were sourced from Claire and also George, at London based florist - Rust Bloom, who also designed the incredible pampas doorway entrance to our bridal bell tent. A mixture of bought & foraged dried flowers and grasses - sourced locally near river beds and gardens and flower markets.

Flower displays can make a big difference to the look and feel of your wedding or party and can evoke different moods and settings, depending on the style you choose. Dried palms, pampas grasses and pale roses give a bohemian feel and fresh, brighter bolder colours and flowers are ideal for festival style weddings. Botanical styling with fresh green palm trees and hanging macrame baskets filled with plants can also create beautiful interiors for tipis.

You can also mix up florals with dried and fresh flowers and even paper flowers if you are feeling adventurous. Recycled paper flowers and palms are fun to make and look just as beautiful when mixed with the real thing!

We can also create beautiful wedding bell tents with tailored floral displays - this wedding tent display by George at Rust Bloom includes pampas, dried wild teasel and a mixture of ferns and natural grasses. Glamping bells by our sister business Brighton Bell Tents

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