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TIPI WEDDINGS : Zoe and James' rustic farm tipi celebration in Lewes

Tipi wedding in a field with festoon lights
Tipi wedding - The Party Field, Lewes

Zoe and James held their fabulous festival style farm wedding with giant tipis at The Party Field in Lewes, East Susse on a hot summer day in July . With a distinctive farm theme, their wedding had the biggest and coolest table plan we've ever seen, in the form of a giant tractor Tyre, which was placed outside the tipis near the fire pit, under a canopy of festoon lights.

Tractor tyre table plan for farm wedding in a field
Tractor tyre table plan style!

Tipi wedding in a field

Not to be outdone by a tractor wheel, James and Zoe's wedding also possibly had the biggest bar we've seen inside the tipis!

Tipi interior with rustic tables and large bar
Long tipi bar from The Nevill Arms

With our rustic wooden tables and chairs inside the tipis, colourful pastel coloured picnic tables outside, lawn games, a giant fire pit and hay bales, this amazing tipi wedding situated within the South Downs National Park was a rustic dream!

Pastel coloured picnic tables outside giant tipis
How cute are these pastel picnic tables

Pastel coloured picnic tables and bell tent wedding glamping in a field
Picnics and glamping bell tents

Banquet style wedding tables inside a giant tipi
Banquet style wedding tipi tables

Wedding flowers and order of the day sign at tipi entrance
Tipi floral entrance

Blue and white wedding flowers in a rustic wooden crate outside a giant tipi
Beautiful blue, white and green wedding flowers

Top table in giant tipi for wedding
Rustic style top table

Wedding table plan in the field with glamping bell tents

Festival wedding with tipis and glamping

Wedding festival with tipis and glamping
From table to tent

Giant tipis in a field with large firepit outside and festoon lights

tipi wedding tables in field with glamping
Tipi festival summer views

Tipi table plan in the form of a tractor tyre outside wedding tipi

Team :

Tipis & indoor furniture - Tribeca Tipis

Picnic benches and lawn games - Bell and Bell Events

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